Locations throughout Northern Virginia, DC and Richmond


"Great Staff and Services!!! The entire staff is courteous, friendly, helping and proficient. Have relieved me of my severe back pain and as well enabled me to perform my daily chores and fulfill my job requirements more efficiently and hassle-free.

-- Robin E., Alexandria, VA


"I had reached the point where my shoulder was frozen in place, I just couldn't move without pain. It was a relief to me to have my doctor recommend therapy over surgery. At Alliance Rehab and Physical Therapy I received deep heating sessions. Within 4-weeks. I had felt better than I had in years"

-- A Google User, Alexandria, VA

"There's something about good customer service that puts me at ease! Everyone here is so welcoming and pleasant! Our therapist Remy was amazing! She was very thorough and knowledgeable. She was encouraging & supportive as my daughter struggled through her first session after being in casts for 1.5 months. I'm certain that with the help of this wonderful staff my daughter will be walking in no time".

-- Dantea M., Alexandria, VA


"I was referred to Alliance Rehab by my worker's comp. I was bitten by a cat at work and had lost range of motion and feeling in part of my hand, wrist, and arm. All the employees were really nice and friendly. They did what they could to help me strengthen my wrist, hand, and tried to get the swelling to go down on my forearm. I really encourage anyone who is looking for a physical therapy place to give this place a try. The therapists that helped me with my hand/wrist/arm were wonderful. They even let my husband in with my son while I did all my exercises, etc. A great group of people.

-- Jaz F., Alexandria, VA


"We went to Alliance Physical Therapy and was very pleased with the service. The front desk explained the registration process and I was called back right away. I never had to wait in the waiting room for more than 2 minutes. The therapists are great! From the first visit, Dan explained the treatment process and made me feel comfortable. I am almost done with my treatment and am feeling much better. I would recommend this place to my family and friends.

-- Dave S., Fairfax, VA

"I have been having a good Experience at ALLIANCE (Fairfax) the service is excellent from the front office desk to the therapist , they are very knowledgeable in the needs of the patient ,after a couple of weeks I felt the relief on my back and knee pain,I have a couple of friends with some back problems , and I will suggest to them Alliance (fairfax)

-- Juan G., Fairfax, VA

"If you want a place where someone micromanaged you from the first visit till months later, then this probably isn't the place for you. What I love about this PT is they stick with you every step of the way till about a few weeks out and then let you guide yourself through the exercises. There's always someone there watching if you have any questions. It's one giant room so if you're shy you might not like that. They have a ton of equipment, their staff is very friendly and highly trained, easy to schedule/reschedule appointments, and they provide the best exercises and stretches for your injury type. I was in a car accident and have been working closely with them for 2 months now. I will miss them when I'm gone but they have truly helped my neck and back when I didn't think I'd feel the same again. I highly recommend this place!

-- Amanda R., Chantilly, VA

"One negative that is the therapist cannot focus on you only, he might train other people and lose the concentrate on you. However, this place helped me recover my knee and ankle injury. The therapist is well trained and he knows what exactly is he doing.Also you can simply find the great time for your schedule. So far, I would recommend you to go and try their therapy.

-- Mohannad A., Hollywood, Los Angeles, C

"I was referred by my doctor to Alliance following a car accident. The Fairfax location could take me immediately and I could move to the Tyson's facility the following week since the latter is closer to my home. However, once my treatment began at Fairfax, I did not want to move to another location. The treatments have helped me tremendously and I have benefited from having the 3 therapists work with me: Kirsten, Dan, and Joyce. Their assistant Tammy is a true professional and always a breath of fresh air. I was completely unaware of the impact this treatment could have on the body, but with their guidance, encouragement, and treatment, I have improved greatly. The receptionist, Lucy, is always accommodating and delightful. If you are in need of Physical Therapy, I highly recommend this location. With this group of professionals, you will work hard and have fun, all while improving!!

-- Julie B., Vienna, VA

"I am extremely grateful to Taylor, Pamela and Kashaf who worked with my 9 year old daughter and her chipped knee bone. We came to physical therapy for a little over 3 months. Not only were they professional, but they were great with her as a younger patient. Would recommend the three of them without any hesitation.

-- Betty G., Downtown, Baltimore, MD

"I had to go to PT after surgery on my right knee, so I decided to try Alliance Rehab in Tysons. I have never needed PT before, so I can't comment if this place is better than anywhere else. What I can say is that I'm glad I went here, after a few months I am 99% back to my pre injury strength!
I went twice a week for about five months (I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus). I was always able to get an appointment at a convenient time and day for my schedule. I typically went in the afternoon in the middle of my work day. There was always an open room so I could change before and after the workout.
Everyone in the clinic is very friendly! I got to know the majority of the staff, and the relaxed atmosphere always made for a pleasant visit. My exercises were changed frequently to keep a reasonable amount of difficulty. The therapists always payed close attention to me; they made sure I was being challenged and making good progress towards my recovery goals.
I hope I never need PT again, but if I do I would definitely return to Alliance in Tysons.

-- Jeff G., Alexandria, VA

"The team of physical therapists and the staff here are very caring and knowledgeable. They are extremely friendly. My Orthopedic surgeon, recommended me three different places with my ankle problem. But I feel myself lucky that I chose Alliance Physical Therapy. I was nervous about walking again after two-weeks of non-weight bearing.But my therapist was kind, caring, understanding and a good listener too. While providing me the treatment, she also boosted up my lost confidence and helped me a lot to be on my feet again. She cleared all my doubts and had always answered all my queries with patience. Here you will find the professionalism and candor that you expect from every medical service provider.

-- Sheenam S., Woodbridge, VA

"Amazing staff, that make you feel like they really care from Aquatic therapy to Land therapy. The Front desk staff is sweet as can be, they really make you feel welcome. The only complaint would be there isn't enough slots in the evening for aquatic therapy.

-- Melanie H., Woodbridge, VA

"“I just want to say thanks to entire staff at Alliance Physical Therapy VA, they have made big difference in my life. Four years ago I had accident severely injuring my back. I went to many therapists, doctors, and even pain management Hospital where I lived at the time. Then I started treatment at Alliance Physical Therapy and it has made a world of difference. They was able to correct my SI joint an actually fix the chronic trigger points in my back and hips. Thanks Again !”

-- A Google User, Woodbridge, VA

"Went for therapy for several months after surgery. Place is excellent, but the parking can get a little tight around lunchtime on weekdays. The entire staff is exceptional, but we really appreciated Aleta's sense of caring (and humor!).”

-- R. F., Woodbridge, VA

"I have been receiving physical therapy for my hand after surgery for a number of months. The therapists and staff are outstanding professionals who have had a positive impact on my range of motion. However, the management of Alliance has apparently decided to drop patients insured by TriCare (US current and retired military) without reaching out to patients to explain their action. I now must change therapists in mid-rehab. There are not very many qualified hand therapists in the area, so I may be looking at a long commute twice per week (ironically, driving long distances aggravates my hand condition). I am not sure what problem Alliance had with TriCare or it's patients, but must add Alliance to the pile of companies who have pulled the rug out from under US service members. I would like to thank the professionals caregivers at Alliance for their great work, but because of questionable management I can't endorse the Alliance experience.”

-- Tom H., Falls Church, VA

"Really appreciate the work proficiency of the expert physical therapists at Alliance Physical Therapy. Really helped me a lot to gain speedy recovery from the injury that I suffered during an auto accident and made me as staunch and sturdy as before.”

-- Pervez K., Washington, DC

"ʺI had been suffering from severe pain in my hip and right leg for ten years. Throughout this time, I went to see doctors, physicians, sports physicians and many other medical professionals. I had numerous x-rays, MRI's, and other tests but no doctor or test could figure out the problem, let alone ease my pain and correct the problem. After coming at Alliance Physical Therapy my pain was totally gone after 3, 4 visit. I would simply say that Physical Therapist treatments work! Alliance Physical Therapy treatments are amazing! ʺ

-- A Google User, Washington, DC

"ʺAbsolutely top notch. The therapists and the techs operate as a smooth functioning team and I would be remiss if I didn't also praise the office support staff as well. I went there and could barely extend my right leg due to a nerve irritation in my back. Through structured exercise, therapy, and muscular electrical stimulation I have regained the ability to hike, walk steadily and climb stairs. Truly grateful for their capability, persistence, and encouragement. I recommend them without reservation. They made me a believer in PT and sticking to a structured exercise regime. ʺ

-- Daniel S., Washington, DC.

"I'm sad more people haven't written positive reviews for Alliance because this place truly is awesome. I've been coming here for about 2 months and have been very pleased with my experience. The front desk lady, Roxy, is as sweet as pie. She will contact your insurance company to give you an estimate of the cost per session based on your benefits. She is always smiling, upbeat, and genuinely happy to see me each time. The waiting area is clean and spacious. They offer complimentary water, mints, chocolate, and hand sanitizer. I am never sitting in the waiting area for longer than 3 minutes, as they are prompt and always ready for me when I arrive. I've been impressed with all of the physical therapists (Bianca, Jonathan, Ben). They are friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and professional. They answer all of my questions, explain each exercise, and observe my form to make proper adjustments. The exercises assigned to me have been helping my hip issue and I'm very excited to continue my healing journey with this wonderful team.

-- Ariel S., Washington, DC.

"They're Greeeeaaat!
Staff is knowledgeable and very good. I've gone to other PTs (out of state) and I can honestly say the staff is so much more experienced than other places. I highly recommend them.

-- Liz K., Springfield, VA.

I came to Alliance for PT on a shoulder with a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff. The goal was to strengthen and stabilize my shoulder in order to avoid surgery if at all possible. I chose Alliance because Bianca, one of the therapists, is a good friend, and I know of her work with other patients who'd also recommended her. After six weeks of PT, I think my shoulder is about 90% functional, and will let me lead a normal active life without major surgery. I couldn't be more pleased. Lest anyone think I got special treatment because Bianca is a friend - let me say that I watched her with many other patients while I was there over the six weeks, and she's the best. I also saw Autumn one week when Bianca was out of town, and she's great, too - caring and compassionate. The two Marks - the PT assistants there - were great to work with as well. I highly recommend Alliance, and, while I hope I never need PT again, it's where I'll go should the need arise.

-- John F., Arlington, VA.

This was my first time needing physical therapy, so I have nothing to compare my experience to, but I would recommend Alliance PT to anyone. Great facility, experienced staff, and a friendly environment. They want you to succeed, and are always willing to explain exercises and answer questions. Made a difficult situation much more bearable, and I'm on the road to full recovery thanks to them.

-- Mikayla H., Arlington, VA.

I was so glad to find this place! Always very friendly and willing to work around my schedule when making my appointments. I had back pain that I thought I would always have and I am feeling great now!!!! Very clean place and very professional! I highly recommend going here!!

-- Diane K., Colonial Heights, VA.

Good staff, services and infrastructure.

-- Petty A., Woodbridge, VA.

my experience was wonderful. i was greeted every day with a smile. they incourage me and motivated me to do my best each day. the staff was great in explaining to me each and every exercise. i recommend the alliance physical therapy to anyone who wants to get better and wants to feel good after each session. it means alot when you have a group of therapist who care about your well being as well as your health issues. they take all your info and use it to make sure you get back yo your normal self. i thank them very much for all they have done for me. Matt is the best, along with the other therapist.

-- Lamont A., Richmond, VA.

At Alliance physical therapy your more than a body parts. youre treated like a person. lisa. Stays on top of your appt. And Matt makes sure your getting the most of your therapy rehab. And makes sure your on the right track.Im gonna miss you guys. God Bless .

-- Tammy S., Richmond, VA.

From the moment I walked in the door at Alliance Physical Therapy on Broad Street, I was greeted with smiles and enthusiasm from the office manager Lisa and my physical therapist Matt. They both went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. I sustained a major knee injury resulting in me not being able to move, bend, or use it and if I tried or accidentally did, there was a lot of pain. Matt and I started from what seemed the most miniscule tasks at first and then gradually worked our way up to more challenging exercises. I always asked “why are we doing this” in reference to each exercise and he responded very kindly with an extremely professional and clinical reason, then broke it down into layman’s terms for me, which also helped me learn what was going on inside my knee. Matt’s famous words are, “Just let me know”, meaning he is not forcing anyone to do anything. He is more simply “encouraging” us to move forward in our physical therapy recovery which meant a lot to me and a lot of the other people I have seen here with Matt. He asks how things are going with the injury as soon as I get there, (pain? pain level?), and also asks how things are going in my life which made it a professional but also somewhat personal relationship which was also very helpful for me because I have been in PT with a wrist injury before. I was not able to regain full range of motion so I wasn’t expecting too much out of it for my knee. I gradually saw the progression with my knee and was so impressed with all of the knowledge Matt had shared with me. Overall I give Alliance Physical Therapy, Matt and Lisa a full 5 star rating with absolutely no hesitation. I have not only gone from crutches, a knee brace and not being able to walk, stand, bend, squat or virtually anything to now being able to all of these things with no difficulty. If you sustain an injury to any part of your body and need physical therapy, please take my word for it as someone who has seen a lot of injuries. Call Alliance Physical Therapy and ask for Matt. I’m so please with the results. Thanks Alliance!

-- Matt T., Richmond, VA.

I highly recommend this site to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. I recently underwent shoulder surgery and a friend of mine recommended this place to me. I decided to give it a shot and I can say I received some of the best care during my time there. I have undergone multiple surgeries in the past which have also required physical therapy and this was hands down the best experience I have ever had. The entire staff is very friendly and they were flexible with my work schedule. Matt is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job which makes the experience that much better. The effort and time he puts into your care really shows his dedication and I definitely benefited from it as my shoulder feels better than ever. The site itself has all the equipment needed to appropriately rehab whatever injury you may have. If the unfortunate time comes when I injure myself again, I will be coming back here!

-- Sean M., Richmond, VA.

Alliance Physical Therapy is great! Matt is so professional and knowledgeable. I felt like he really was concerned about my issue and he worked hard to help me get back to my pre-injury activity level. I would recommend them to everyone!

-- Ann C., Richmond, VA.

Although I am from out of town and my prescription was from a doctor in Miami, the office staff made my appointment as easy and efficient as if I was a neighbor. I was greeted very warmly and never had to wait to see my therapist. My therapist, Matt Burress was courteous and communicative. He balanced hands-on techniques with educating me to new ways of movement, giving me a more accurate mind-body awareness and understanding of the root causes of my problem. I appreciated how attentive Mr. Burress was to my musculature and not only focussing on my skeletal condition and that he did some research to look into the precursors of my condition, (decades with a Harrington Rod and fusion); he offered a very positive and balanced approach for me to work with beyond our sessions together that I continue on my own. My goal was to gain greater mobility in the cervical spine and to understand better why my neck had become so inflexible and Matt was able to help me achieve this understanding and work toward greater flexibility right away. In four sessions we were both amazed at the improvement in my range of motion. Matt was able to describe exactly what was going on and reassure me that I could do these exercises without further detriment or pain. Although I still suffer some pain when turning my head, especially after sitting for any length of time, my understanding of the pain is different and I now know that I have ways to work with it to ameliorate it naturally so that I am not relying on anti-inflammatories alone. I am less afraid of the sharp pains and that makes a big difference in my day to day life! I could not be more grateful to Matt Burress and the staff of Alliance Physical Therapy. Thank you!

-- Suzyn K., Richmond, VA.